Root CNC

Home to the Root CNC 3D printed CNC machine. This website is the Official Home and Official Forum for the Root CNC project.

The aim of this website is to take over from the Facebook group which has well over 3’000 members but to provide a better place to have discussions, learn new things but also a place to help find formation you might not know. Its certainly NOT going to replace Facebook (I will continue to support both) but will hopefully aid in finding information which can get lost in our growing Facebook group.


Use the Forum to start a discussion, ask questions and help one another out. Link here


If you like the work I have been doing in my spare time please let me know, it gives me great pleasure to read the stories this machine produces and keep me motivated to bring new things out. But if you love the project and want help out, please consider hitting the donation button and help keep this server up and running for everyone to enjoy – after all this is my hobby.

Project Goals

  • Create a expandable CNC machine capable to machine aluminum
  • Use minimal different 3D printed parts
  • Customization (Make it Bigger)
  • Cheap
  • Simple
  • Use parts commonly used in DIY 3D printers
  • Easily sourced parts