Root 2

I started this project to enable me to do another project which required sheet wood to be machined, (another 3D printer which I have been wanting to do for a while). without the large cost of out sourcing the tasks to a company. So I created this CNC named Root 2 to open up a endless amount of possibilities.

Why make it open source? Since getting involved with 3D printing and the whole open source community, it has taught me many things and open doors which might not have been open without the added experience the community has given me. So I thought what a great way to put something small back into very thing what got me hooked in the magical world of CNC machine – the open source community.

If you make one or remix it, I would love to see it! post some photos and show it off! =]


  • Create a expandable CNC machine capable to machine aluminum
    Use minimal different 3D printed parts
    Customization (Make it Bigger)
    Use parts commonly used in DIY 3D printer
    Easily sourced parts


Working Area = 331x305x120mm (X,Y,Z) – If you want a bigger machine, just buy longer box section!


BOM (Bill of Materials) can be found on the Thingiverse Page, or

Can be found HERE

Where to Download

.stl files can be found on the link- R2 – Thingiverse Link here (Download)

Firmware as software GitHub area coming soon!


Machining Dibond Sheet

Hard Oak Sign


Root 2 Sign Wood



Pen Testing

Prototype Movement Testing