How to print the parts for Root 3

Printing the parts in a certain way can improve the overall strength of the parts. Most of the parts have been designed in such a way to take the advantage of printing a specific orientation.

View below for the the recommended print orientation and print settings.


Infill (%) = 50+

Perimeters = 3+

Make the parts as strong as you can.

Orientation List:

Z Axis Bearing Cup Top

Z Axis Bearing Cup Bottom

Y Gantry Motion Link

Y Gantry Box Section Belt Clamp

Y Gantry Box Mount Foot

Y Gantry Bearing Space

Y Gantry Bearing Cap

Y Gantry Bearing Cap (Cable mount)

Y Axis Bar Mount #x# #mm STD-Mirror

Coming soon!

X Carriage Belt Idler

X Axis Drag Chain Mount Y Side panel

X Axis Drag Chain mount X carriage

X Axis Box Section Mount ##

Coming soon!

X axis Belt Mount #mm

Coming soon!

X Axis Belt Clamp 3M HTD Belt Plate

X Axis Belt Clamp 2mm GT2 Belt Plate

NEMA23 50mm Spacer

NEMA17 50mm Spacer

Motor Mount NEMA23

Motor Mount NEMA17

MGN 12 Spindle mount ##mm (Text)- (NO Text)

Coming soon!

Drag Chain Y Carriage Mount

Connector Panel

Box Section Linear Guild STD