1. What is the build area?
    1. Root 2 – default build area was 331x305x120mm (X,Y,Z) – make it any size you want
    2. Root 3 – there is no default size – make it any size you want. My build is 705x750x160mm (X,Y,Z)
  2. Where can I download the files?
    1. Root 2 – https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1001437
    2. Root 3 – https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1750276
    3. Root 3 Lite – Coming Soon
  3. What software do I need?
    1. I use RepRap Marlin Firmware with the Ramps 1.4 Electronics.
  4. Is there a list of part (BOM)?
    1. Yes please see the Thingiverse page, Root 2 BOM is on the page, however Root 3’s BOM is in the .zip file.
  5. Can it do other things?
    1. Yes- There is no reason why you cant add a 3D printer head, Laser cutter, Hot wire or even a plasma cutter.